KAWAi Music School Policies 2022 – 2023



_____SCHOOL YEAR:  The Kawai Music School (KMS) offers lessons to students of all ages and abilities and are welcomed year-round based upon availability.  This includes the school year and summer months.  Summer presents an optimal environment for progress and an opportunity to explore jazz, pop, and Broadway music and delve deeper into music theory, history, composition, etc.


_____TUITION and FEES:  Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month. Parents/adult students must have a credit card on file for automatic withdrawal on the 5th of every month.  No cash is accepted.  If you must pay by check, please discuss with the Director.


_____REFUND:  Full refunds will be given in case of insufficient enrollments that result in cancellation of a group class.


_____STUDENT WITHDRAWAL:  There is no long-term contract.  Students may enroll at any time if there is availability.  To discontinue lessons and suspend automatic charges, please contact the Director of the KMS by filling out a Withdrawal Form 30 days before the next scheduled lesson.  Notice given to the teacher only is not enough.  If one-month withdrawal notice is not provided, the tuition for the entire month is still due and payable.


_____MAKEUP LESSONS: Lessons missed by students are non-refundable; however, makeup lessons will be offered via Facetime, Zoom, Recorded Video, or in a group format scheduled throughout the year.  Our instructors are active musicians who do not have the time or flexibility to offer private makeup lessons.  There are no makeup lessons for group classes.  However, the student may attend a similar class, if available.  Group assignments will be emailed.


_____TEACHER ABSENCE:  In the event a teacher is absent, the Director of the KMS will serve as a substitute or will provide a highly qualified teacher who will ensure continuity of the lesson.


_____LESSON PROTOCOL:  All children under the age of 12 must be escorted in the KMS by a responsible adult and remain with the responsible adult until the child is with the instructor for their lesson.  Students must be picked up in a timely manner.  The school is not responsible for the student before or after their assigned lesson time.


_____FOOD and DRINKS:  No food, drink (except for bottled water) is allowed inside the KMS.


_____PHOTO RELEASE:  Any photos, audio or video of students or families at the KMS facilities or events may be used in promotional publications, social media pages or press releases.  There will be no compensation for the release.  However, parents may choose to exempt their children from media publications by circling the appropriate response on the Application form.