Lesson Opportunities at

Kawai Music School


Private Lessons –  Private lessons will be offered in piano, strings, and guitar by exceptional university-trained musicians.  All teachers have had extensive experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds.  A few of our teachers specialize in teaching young children while others prefer teaching adult students.  If you need advanced training or extra help preparing for an audition or contest, we have an artist teacher for that.  Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.

Group Lessons for ages 4-5   These lessons are designed specifically for young beginners who are not quite ready for a traditional one-on-one private lesson.  Each student will be introduced to note reading, rhythm and the basic techniques of piano playing through lots of movement, singing, and fun activities. An acoustic or digital piano in the home is encouraged but not required. 

Way Cool Keyboarding Class for Kids (ages 6-10)  Not sure your child will like piano lessons?  This class was designed to give both parents and kids the opportunity to find out.  The class introduces students to the basics of playing the piano in a fun environment using relevant materials that keeps them motivated.  They will experience music in a variety of styles and experience making music with others in a Piano Band.  Minimum of 4 per class.

Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens (ages 11- 16)  Experience the new piano program teachers and students are talking about!  Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens introduces students to both Chord Chart playing and traditional note reading.  This amazing program introduces original music in contemporary, rock’n roll, praise and worship, and pop styles which will motivate students to excel.  The accompaniments provided help develop the students’ listening skills and accelerate their learning.  Minimum of 4 per class.

Musical Moments for the Adult Hobbyist  If you have ever dreamed of making music at the piano, this class is for you!  Musical Moments was written to create a stress-free, enjoyable experience for the beginning adult student.  Come learn to read music, play by chords, and create music with other hobbyists.  Join the growing number of adults across the country learning to play piano using this fun and innovative program.  An acoustic or digital piano in the home is encouraged but not required.




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All of our piano teachers at the Kawai Music School are exceptional role models, professionally trained, experienced performers and actively engaged in the Dallas music community. The excellence of our school is due to our excellent teachers.


The Kawai Music School is equipped with Kawai’s award-winning grand and upright pianos renown for their responsive touch and rich tone.


Students at the Kawai Music School are treated to many performance opportunities including, public recitals, festivals, masterclasses with world-renown artists, and more.


Featuring soundproof rooms, a comfortable waiting area, a kid’s play zone, and a stunning concert hall with Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano, the Kawai Music School – Dallas is the most state-of-the-art community music school in all of Dallas.


Is The Piano Difficult To Learn?

The piano is difficult to learn; however it can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you undertake. With the help of a good teacher, patience and dedication, you can learn to play the piano. The important thing is to enjoy the journey!

What Age Should My Child Start Learning The Piano?

There is no right age to begin piano lessons. Whether they start at three years old or ten years old, they can both excel at piano with the right learning environment and support. We have beginning students of all ages and aim to offer the best piano instruction available for each to achieve their individual goals.

How Often Should I Practice The Piano?

Practicing is extremely important in learning to play the piano. We require our students to not only practice daily, but to practice effectively. Each practice session should be focused on learning or improving a passage, piano piece, or musical concept. As part of our curriculum, each student is taught how to practice correctly to ensure consistent improvement.


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