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Kawai CN Series - 2017 MMR Magazine Dealers' Choice Award - Home Digital Keyboard of the Year.

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Authentic Tone and Touch with Innovative Features

Kawai’s exceptional line of digital pianos is the result of a never ending effort to create the world’s most authentic and innovative digital pianos. Relying on our rich experience in building fine acoustic pianos, Kawai builds digital pianos that offer superior tone and touch available. Wooden-key actions, Harmonic Imaging sound technology, USB digital audio and the unique Soundboard Speaker System are just a few of the innovations found in our digital pianos and keyboards.

Kawai offers an award-winning selection of electronic instruments, from the Concert Artist and Concert Performer Series to the value-packed CN Series digital pianos. The Classic Series instruments exude the beauty and elegance of ebony polish cabinetry. For professional musicians and keyboard players on the go, we are proud to offer our flagship MP Series Professional Stage Pianos and the powerful ES8 and ES100 Portable Digital Pianos. The economical CL26, KDP90 and CE220 models round out one of the most complete selections of top quality digital pianos available today .

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